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July 2009

CB loves yoga. BBD loves interfering with yoga.

I bought a yoga kit for kids set that came with some great cards, an informative booklet, and CD. CB could not wait to learn.

* I'm yoga-ing!
* What one's next?!
* I'm a [insert pose here]!
* I love yoga!

The Flower Pose
Mama: Whoa, this one is a little tricky.
CB: I can figure it out.

The Bug Pose
This one turned out to be much trickier than the flower-I can't do it!
CB: I'm tired of doing this one.

After enthusiastically completing all 25 poses, the girl wanted more. When I told her that was it she responded, "I have an idea-I can do my own yoga!"

BBD loved the yoga mat and climbing on his Mama as I was doing poses. Daddy claims this will just help make me stronger. Clearly he has never done yoga with a Boo-dah Belly on his back.

BBD did eventually join in the posing with us. He is pretty good at the butterfly and the bird, although he prefers to do his own with his petunia up in the air.

Learning yoga was not enough, CB wanted desperately to teach someone. Mammie was the lucky winner!

CB enthusiastically asks Mammie, "You want me to teach you yoga?" Well, no, not so much, but she could see how much it meant to her granddaughter so she lovingly played along.

She also shared her yoga skills with her friends.

CB gave great directions such as, "You sit on your legs" and "Put your butt up".

Her commentaries are even better.
* Make a flower. Put the flower in a flower pot.
* Crouch in the grass. Here comes a zebra and you lunge. I'm still doing the lion. See, here comes another zebra. (Don't worry, she assures me that the zebras always get away).
* (While collecting and eating nuts during the squirrel pose) They sure are crunchy!

BBD's contribution to the lesson was shouting at the boy doing the candle pose to "wake up" because his eyes are closed.

Upon seeing me get out the yoga cards, BBD drops to all fours and starts meowing.

Note the mischievousness.

The last pose is a resting pose called Do Nothing Doll. For this pose you lay down, rest limply, and close your eyes. CB asked me if I was done doing yoga. In reply I stuck my tongue out. She got the message, “Not yet?”

Our wonderful cards are from Imaginazium. I got the "Yoga Kit for Kids". It includes 25 yoga cards, instruction booklet, and a music CD. You can check out their site at

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