Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Real Wormy

July 2009

CB's play has been featuring her {imaginary} friend Wormy a lot lately. He is quite the silly little worm. Imagine CB's delight when she discovered an actual (and not deceased) worm in our front yard!

She began yelling, "I found Wormy! I found Wormy!" and then ran over to me and asked in an excited whisper, "Can I touch him?"

CB loved holding and petting the worm. She then put him down so he could get a drink. She reminded me of a mother talking with her newborn. "What do you want to do? You want a drink? I know you're thirsty."

"I love him and he loves me."

BBD loved the worm as well and was surprisingly careful with it. He kept saying "Hi! Hi! Hi!" and talking to it with a gentle cooing.

CB felt that the worm was so exciting that it needed to be shared with Daddy, who was inside. "I want to show Daddy. Daddy, we have a surprise for you!"

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