Thursday, August 5, 2010

Window Boxes

March 2010

Well hello, First Day of Spring! We have been waiting for you.

We still have some waiting ahead of us because today we planted flower seeds in our very own window boxes.

The seeds were great for "shaking, shaking, shaking"!

"This is going to be a funny picture..."

We picked out an assortment of seeds. It was fun checking out how different they were.

The kids liked the Sweet Peas because they rolled everywhere.

The Bachelor's Button seeds were my favorite just because they were so weird.

Instead of just dumping the potting soil in, I had the kids help scoop it in.

Sometimes, moms can be so annoying...

"This is more work than I thought it would be! How much work is this?"

After about five scoops, BBD told me "done!" and "I'm sitting in the chair".

Don't worry. He came back around.

He especially enjoyed breaking up the clumps. "Yay! Sque-e-e-eze!"

CB did very well at following the directions about how to poke holes for the seeds and then to cover them up.

BBD had his own planting method-
the dump

and stir.

They both really enjoyed drowning, I mean watering their seeds.

So much that we gave the tree in the front yard a very big drink as well.

CB asked, "How long does it take to them to grow?" and I told her it would take quite a few weeks and that we would need to water them everyday. "Yeah, it's a big responsibility of Springtime."

CB professed, "I love planting. I want to do it my whole life. It was magnificent!"

While supervising the completed window boxes, BBD shares, "I want to see it! Come on, grow! It'll happen! They're slow ones!"

With the crying that BBD did when I told him we were done, you would have thought we were leaving the train museum.

Where was Daddy during all this planting?

He was busy with a project of his own.

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