Monday, August 2, 2010

Laundry Help

October 2009

CB is old enough now that her helping with the laundry is, to a degree, actually helpful. She helps load the washer and dryer, can sort clothes, and attempts to fold. "I'm going to be a helping hand for you, Mom. I've got great helping hands."

I got caught refolding one of BBD's shirts.
CB: Why did you do that?
Mama: (Crap!) It was sort of inside out.
CB: Can I refold it?

"I'm going to fold the socks just like you." Well, not exactly, but I didn't want to risk offending her again.

While BBD sometimes helps with the loading and unloading, he chiefly sees his laundry duty as overseeing the destruction of whatever piles I have made but not yet moved out of his reach.

Here is his laundry throne.

BBD comes into the laundry room as I am switching loads.

Mama: Oh, you want to help me?
BBD: No.

He then proceeds to hinder me by taking wet clothes out of the dryer that I am loading and shutting the dryer door 5 times before I am ready for it to be shut.

At least he's honest.

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