Sunday, August 1, 2010

Water "Painting"

July 2009

Early in the morning before the desert heated up, the children and I went out to the front yard to play. I was surprised, confused, mildly alarmed, when BBD -lover of all things outside- did not come running when I called that it was time to go outside. What held him up?

He discovered his Daddy’s candy stash!

Once, we were all outside, I introduced them to the world of water painting. It is simple-you give them water and paintbrushes and set them free. We threw in some chalk for an added dimension of fun.

CB exclaimed, "I love doing this!"

BBD enjoyed painting EVERYTHING-the sidewalk, the grass, the rocks, the bush, his sister, his mother...

I think it is safe to say that he was even more interested with splashing and stomping in the wet spots-which became plentiful.

I would make chalk drawings and CB would follow behind and paint them. I drew a huge Thomas the Train for BBD.

Mama: Look, I made you a Thomas!
BBD: (Looks at my drawing) Oh-kay. (As in "if you really think so".)

After the 3rd trip inside to refill the large water bowl, I finally broke out the hose. In the end we were not so much painting as we were coating.

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