Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Not So Ordinary Clover

March 2010

Do you what you are looking at here?

You are beholding a whole lot of magic...

"This is a big one. That means it has a lot of wishes. You can make a wish, and I can make a wish, and Daddy can make a wish, and *BBD* can make a wish. It's awfully big!"

"They make you lucky!"

"I am going to fill my bag up. I am going to fill it up with wishes and then you make a wish and it will come true."

"Even I got some flowers, but they went a little prune-y."

"Make a wish, *BBD*! Wish on it!"

BBD believes that clovers are best for sniffing and blowing and hiding behind his back so his sister will give him more.

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