Sunday, January 23, 2011

Valentine Sh-mantel

Not much, just a little something to spread a little love and cheer.

Since my lovely daughter vetoed my first banner idea, I made another, all by myself.

The son likes it.

And some simple vases.

{made from these neat bottles}

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XOXO characters

My children are delighted by the idea that letters can stand for hugs and kisses. Just delighted. It's silly but with the feel of budding academia-what's not to delight in? It was like being let in on one of the secrets those mysterious things, letters, hold.

And so I give you, our XOXO characters.

They are full of personality. And l-u-v.

We used glue dots, which the girl child was so in to it moved her to song

"Give us what we want---
We want GLUE DOTS!"

BBD was actually more interested in decorating a scrap. What are you to do?
He is quite proud of his "line AND squiggle".

So I turned it into a bookmark. He thought this was genius.

I am so pl-ea-s-ed with this idea,
so please don't rain on my parade and tell me someone else thought of it first...

ta-da! Rhinestone beauty covering up boring old pin head!

Please check out some of these fabulous linky parties. Wonderful ideas and inspiration await! Thank you!

Friday, January 21, 2011

They {HEART} each other!

Forgive me, I couldn't pick just 1.

Project 52: Glimpse Into Motherhood

Button Love

Stage 1: Contemplate

Stage 2: Place to perfection

Stage 3: Drive train through buttons

{while mother hot glues because she doesn't have the patience for sewing-shame, but true}

Stage 4: Disagree with mother on how artwork should be displayed, only to change your mind.

I wanted them to be all together as a bunting, the daughter wanted to hang just hers in her room. I consented, but wanted a picture of them all together first. Right after I took the picture, "Oh, they look nice. They can just stay right there."

Please check out some of these fabulous linky parties. Wonderful ideas and inspiration await! Thank you!

Preparing for Artsy Fartsy

The girl's 5th birthday is approaching.

She has requested an "art party".

At which we will be making calendars and necklaces. {Her project ideas not mine.}

There should be rings in the goody bags.

Tiaras will be decorated. The girl's will be blue, the boy's likely pink.

The cake should be strawberry with blue icing "swirled with purple" and a "dollop of [whipped] cream on top in the middle". Furthermore "people can choose if they want cream on their own piece because people should get to choose if they like cream."

And the invites, my, they are beAUtiFUL.

A play kitchen pot full of hearts, stars, flowers, and ballerinas were needed.
{thank goodness for my Silhouette crafting dream machine}

{{We have plenty left over for Valentines, too!}}

Dancing around because party prepping is exciting!

Please check out some of these fabulous linky parties. Wonderful ideas and inspiration await! Thank you!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Red Wreath

I whipped up this sweet little wreath.

I like it just the way it is.

My darling daughter informed that it is nice , "but needs more details".

She is honest like that.

She can be trusted to give you an honest opinion, but she is kind enough to cushion it when needed.

"Mama, those sunglasses are a little bit ugly.
But you are very pretty."

So, hmm, more details to come?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ice Cube Painting

{Liquid water colors frozen in an ice cube tray and tongs}

A fun melting activity to go along with this darling poem:

Pet Snowball

I made myself a snowball
as perfect as can be
I thought I'd keep it as a pet
And let it sleep with me

So I made him some pajamas
and a pillow for his head
Then last night he ran away--
But first he wet the bed!

-author unknown

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shirts for the menfolk

I made some heat transfer shirts for my boys. They were thrilled to model them for me!

This one's blurry,

this one shows the caboose on his caboose quite well,

and in this one he unsuccessfully hides behind his library book, so I win!

{Cause what he needs is more info on hiding spots, especially from those fellows, right?!}

The birthday boy rocking the bio-hazard shirt:

stay on his good side :)

2 Refined Young Ladies

sooo refined

Project 52: Glimpse Into Motherhood

Lovely Silhouettes

Pictures the silhouettes were made from:

CB: I just wanted to make him something special and he just loves it!
BBD: Yeah! I do LOVE it!

5 year Anniversary

Friday, January 7, 2011

Time in a Jar

I love this better-than-a-buried-time-capsule idea!

Here is ours, just waiting for some memorabilia!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


He's hiding...

That was his sister's pop-tart.

{she was warned not to leave it unattended}

preceding whispered conversation
BBD: Can I have this?
M: Yes.
BBD: I'm gonna go hide.
M: Okay.

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Project 52: Glimpse Into Motherhood

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Craftiness

ribbon wrapped bracelets

Take a Little Time Jar.
Everyday the recipient takes out a stone with an
inspirational word to remind them to slow down
a little bit and do something treasured.

Free printable and tutorial at

wall plaques-hand painted with vinyl

I made a bunch of shirts but didn't photograph all of them.