Thursday, August 5, 2010

Paper Airplanes and a back up plan

April 2010

CB requested paper airplanes. I delivered. She returned to sender.

Paper airplanes are not my forte.

The girl told me that this was okay and that she would just wait until Daddy got home.

And then there was the muttered comment under her breath about how "the monkeys jumping on the bed" could probably make better paper airplanes than me. Ouch. Hmm. What a unique insult.

So I went to the handy dandy internet, my dear friend Google. And I looked up how to make paper airplanes. And just entering it into the search engine made me feel better because clearly I am not alone because when you type in "how to make a", 'paper airplanes' are 2nd only to 'website'.

I referred to the site

And crafted 3 different models:

The arrow

The moth

The kite
The children inserted themselves into the photo shoot.

Well aware that there was still a good chance that my paper airplane crafting skills may prove disappointing, we made kites out of plastic bags as a back up plan. These are pretty much guaranteed to be a success because they are actually powered by the children and not the wind.

We flew the airplanes.

Yes, he is aiming right at me.

My reputation was saved!

We went ahead and flew our kites as well. I do not have the energy level of a two year old. This is a shame. I would run around like a crazy person with my plastic bag for awhile and then need to stop for a minute to, you know, breathe. BBD would shout "Get yours Mama! Let's go!"

There are no photos of me running around like a crazy person. Because I am not that talented of a photo taker nor am I that much of a masochist. You are just going to have to create your own mental image of that one, my dear.

BBD's big idea: To include the Chevron cars in the kite flying fun.

CB's big idea: The cars had to get to work after their playtime. They were very busy taking the rocks to and from the "quarry".

I love the way both of my children can take an activity and imprint their own ideas in it.

For some reason, it was really cool to periodically hang the kites on our tree.

Yeah, that's right we are the cool neighbors... Sometimes I wonder what our neighbors and people passing by may think about some of our antics...Wait, I can explain-I teach Early Childhood Special Education. Ah, screw it, we have fun! And we learn important things, but mostly, we have fun.

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