Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lookee here

We made finger puppets. Super cute finger puppets.

BBD's bunny-"hoppity, bouncy"

My bunny. I should have taken a picture before BBD stretched out her body.

Of course CB, had to ask to make a butterfly which was not on the site I got the idea from...

CB's butterfly

BBD's butterfly-flap, flap, flap

We jazzed things up a bit with rhinestones because I HEART them. They are handy and shiny-what's not to love?

My little bluebird.

CB's "Banana Bird"

The planning stage:

"These are too long."

BBD threw a lot of pom pons.

He was very excited about the butterfly wings.

The playing stage:

"They're happy!"

Before we had even had breakfast, BBD brings me the bag of art supplies and says, "Make more please." So, we do.

We have moved on to monsters. CB's idea. The monster puppets spurred a lot more conversation.

This is Silly Monster. His middle name is Faster.

"Will Daddy be scared when he sees that monster?
But I think he will laugh when he sees the belly button."

This is Blubber. He's pretty funny.

"I want him to look as funny as a fish."

When I asked BBD what his monster's name was, he kept making a high pitched, weird sound. I guess the name does not translate well into English. So we nicknamed him Squeaky for simplicity's sake.

"I got spoo-oo-ooky. He's pretty."

My monster's name is Maurice, but you may also know him by the moniker Space Cowboy. He has a mohawk and a bad attitude to go with it. Just kidding-he's really a big softee that enjoys telling cheesy knock knock jokes.

Here, the monsters are roaring at each other:

Here, the puppets are telling the aforementioned knock knock jokes: Knock-knock!
Who's there?

Cow who?

Cow Moo-Moo.

Who's there?


Tomato who?
Tomato squished.

Who's there?


Peach who?

Peach Banana Pants.
CB's butterfly is named Buddy. hehe-Buddy the Butterfly
He took my monster flying. Buddy is also a good swimmer. And he taught Maurice how to dance the "Boogie Bash".

CB also made a blue accented bunny for her father. His name is Rooster Chicken Bunny. Unfortunately, he suffers from insomnia and causes all sorts of trouble while the other puppets are trying to sleep.

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