Friday, December 31, 2010

Winter Sucks

We are dreaming of spring...

{Glittery flower stickers brought to you by Aubrey's Christmas $. The girl has good taste.}

Blizzard of Fun

We made snowflakes out of coffee filters.

Ah, so pretty.

CB decided we should make a banner with them. She picked out a special one for each family member. Concluded that they needed faces and waa-laa...

A happy snowflake family.

With the leftover scraps, we made
blizzard scenes
by shaking our groove things.

{how to}
* put scraps (and optional glitter) in a plastic bag

* put glue all over your paper (works best if your paper is at least a little smaller than a regular sheet)

* place paper in bag loosely but securely tie shut

* shake like crazy

* take paper out and let it dry

* add details and/or embellishments to your winter scene if desired

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Best Countdowns Ever

We had a great time getting a new book every night and delighted in getting to "poke a lego".

We ended up with our literary horizons broadened like only books about monster bugs, ballet, and underpants can lead to.

Our Lego collection has expended to include utter coolness like this guy:

and utter confusion like this guy:

But weird-Santa-impersonator-in-a-thong-with-a-scrub-brush aside, it is all good. We got all kinds of neat stuff like a piano, drum set, Christmas tree, snowman, helicopter, airplane, firetruck, dog and cat {just how I like them, not piddling anywhere in my domain}, and a train cause the not so creepy Santa impersonator rolls in style.


Full of food. Full of laughter.

We went to THE buffet.

At one point BBD asked the quintessential question of buffet dining...

"Mom, will that fit in my mouth?"

And no, it did not.

Upon us leaving our server caught sight of BBD, who was well beyond the aid of a wet napkin , "Awesome! Did you enjoy it?"

Yes. Yes we did.

CB said that her favorite part of the buffet was the nap. I didn't know what she was talking about.

But I soon figured it out.

That deep, contented sleep that comes from a nice full belly.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Let the countdowns begin!

You already knew that we are counting down to Christmas with Legos,

But what have we here?

A big bag of 24 brand new books!


Because 1 countdown just isn't enough this year.

Because we need more books around here. bwahahahaha

Because reading is cool- see even Daddy agrees.

"Wait, let me see that one."
It was a book about motorcycles just in case you were curious.

1st book:

How appropriate is that?! Zen.