Thursday, August 5, 2010


April 2010

CB had her first dance recital today. And she was "in a dancing mood".

After 4 dance classes, the girl knows right where she should be:
stealing the show

The show was really a sort of community performance rather than a full blown recital. The stage was a corner of the gym at a local elementary school during their Annual Arts Expo and Gala.

Before we had even left the house, CB informed me, "I am going to do a special dance on my own just for you." Now because I would not put it past her to completely dance to her very own personal drummer, I said, "I like your special dances, but today you need to dance like Miss Mary has shown you. Just dance like the big girls do."

Just in case you are wondering: what really sets apart CB's special dances from the more traditional ballet is the amount of butt shaking.

Older girls from a more advanced dance class are dancing with the little girls so that they have people to follow. They are the butterflies.

There are other more advanced girls that are doing the main dance up on the stage.

There were a few minor glitches to the performance set up:

1. The classes had never danced a rehearsal together before the performance.
2. There were A LOT of little butterflies and not so many big butterflies.
3. The two groups of dancers were intended to be more physically separated with the cats on stage and the butterflies on the floor.

These things led the little butterflies to become very confused about what they were supposed to be doing.

CB is a problem solver. With no big butterflies near by, she followed the big girls that were. The cats.

Enter CB. Center stage.

Not sure what to do? The show must go on! Heck, knock it up a notch!

Actually, I was impressed by how well she imitated the more complicated dance. Especially in those butterfly wings.

The girl sure can entertain.

She got to take a special bow with her teacher.

"Miss Mary said I did a good job!"

We tried to get video. It did not turn out well. We couldn't get a good vantage point and people kept bumping into Daddy. Seriously? Don't these people realize we are with the star?!

It was a rough time for BBD. He had a cold and the crankiness that comes with it. He wanted his Mommy. And worst of all, he wanted a costume. "Dad, I want to be a FAIRY!"

All better!

A flower for the star.

As we were leaving an old man chuckled and patted CB on the head as she passed,
"And there is the little show stealer."

This post is dedicated to our Pop. Who helped instill a love of music and dance in this special little girl. We love you! We miss you! And we know how badly you wanted to be there with us.

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