Thursday, August 5, 2010

Checkerboard Cool

CB announced this morning that she thought I should make her a checkerboard. She suggested that I get some felt.

So, I did. And I precut it into small squares.

While I set about hot gluing the checkerboard together, CB undertook her own felt-y projects.

She made a hot lava game.

"If you want to live, do not touch the hot lava. I'm just warning you."

And she made her father a smiley face picture. The smile had to be really big.

"Because I want him to be impressed."

She also took a special liking to one of the rhinestones.
CB: (in awe) "This is a good looking square! We should do something with it!
M: Like what?
CB: Oh! Let's make a ring! We can share it!

I completed the checker board.

The girl was excited. There was clapping and giggling. "Now we can play checkers whenever we want!" She also told me, "Mom, I had no idea you could make such cool stuff for me!"

By the way, there is no jumping over each others checkers in CB's game. That is, I learned, barbaric behavior.

(Deadly lava-yes. Checker jumping-no)

According to CB you take turns covering the board with pretty rhinestones. I can live with that.

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