Friday, August 6, 2010

That Street

May 2010

The children and I enjoy the little jaunt down to the mailbox on fine weather days. (We have not had too many of those lately.)

After retrieving the mail, I turned to head home, but BBD said with great excitement, "I wanna go that street!"

So we took off for a good ole walk around the block. It is a pretty big block, but no big deal. We have gone for this very same stroll countless times before.

But this time was different. I realized, too late, that we had never gone for this walk with the children actually walking. As in not being passengers in a stroller or wagon.

Clearly, they are not ready for such a trek.

Now, technically we live in a desert, but the weather was delightfully gentle. However, watching our excursion, it may have appeared that we were stumbling our way through the blistering Sahara.

CB picked me some, er, flowers near the beginning of our walk. Later, it felt like much later, she says, "These flowers are getting thirsty". To which her brother replies, "I'm getting thirsty too." And then began the listing of what we would do when we got home. You may have been led to believe that we had been separated from our home by natural disaster or incarceration. There would be eating, drinking, and general merry making with the reunion of much missed friends and tv shows.

They each tripped over their poor, overworked feet no less than 4 times--each. I felt this may appear to reflect poorly on my mothering skills- clearly these children have been drugged or are never let out of the house. It's not like I could pick them both up and carry them. The Wii fit tells me I am "still in pretty good shape" (thanks for throwing in the still, Wii, thanks a bunch), but lets face it, I would snap like a twig. And then where would we be? Overheated in a heap, half a block (aka a world away) from home.

The sighting of the house brought rejoicing. From all of us.

Lesson learned:

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