Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Have you had the chance to play with this stuff?

It is called Moon Dough and it is a-w-e-s-o-m-e.

It has been on my "we-should-try-this" list for quite some time, but we have not gotten to it. (It is a rather lengthy list.)

The boy got some for his birthday. And we are so glad he did.

The texture is hard to describe.

Daddy tried, "It's like playing with cotton candy. No, more like Airheads. No..."
Hey babe, your sweet tooth is showing.

You really just need to try it out yourself. Really you do.

It was fun to use with molds and shape cutters as well as just free play. BBD made a lot of "clouds".

The Playdough Princess declared, "This may be my new favorite thing to do."

{Other positives: apparently "never dries out" and easy clean up}

Monday, August 16, 2010

Big Decisions

The beginning of the school year comes with some pretty big choices.

What theme do we start with?

What professional goals do I turn into my principal?

And most importantly:

Which 'stache do I sport?

The kiddos have their favorites:

I think my children may be on to something... why settle for just 1?!

"I really need a trim!"

Don't fret! You can easily make your own, too.

* Cut out various mustache shapes on felt {2 per mustache} I found that they looked nicer when I cut them out one at a time. Thicker felt worked the best for me. You can find templates online through a search engine. I used my Silhouette machine to make patterns on card stock.

* Slather hot glue all across the inside of your mustache (to make it a little stiffer) and sandwich a craft stick of some kind off to one side.

* Show 'em off!

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Rock Creations

We arrived home from the beach with A LOT of rocks or as my daughter put it "a whole rock collection".

And so with a little hot glue, miscellaneous craft supplies, and our imaginations we got busy creating.

Group Shot:

CB made this adorable butterfly

and this fun and funky "yellow stripy zebra".

The boy was more interested in the big stick. (Sticks are cool too. Follow your interests, babe.) So some of our pieces became a little more collaborative than usual.

He made these "alien big eyes" and with his approval I added the nose. I dig it-it's like a friendly swamp creature peeking out at you to say hello.

He made the clouds, I made the rainbow-this rock was the perfect shape, I found this to be kismet.

This is BBD's butterfly (I only helped with the gluing and cutting for this bad boy)

You can also go a more natural route and make a little something like this:

I dubbed him DoDo the Doo Wop bird.

We had a good time and that is really what it all is about.

Totally unrelated side note:

I told my teenage nephew that we made these and he texted "Sure, do the fun stuff when I'm gone." I replied, "I can't stop being cool, just because you go home." And he said, "Yeah, u can." Thereby inadvertently admitting that I am cool! Triumph!

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Carnival of Small World Play

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The {LOVE} of Paint

CB: I'll get the paper!
M: Wow. That's a lot of paper.
CB: I love to paint, you know.

Yeah, I know. In fact, I am quite familiar.

And lookee here, she's not they only one.

{close ups of some of my personal favorites}

this one is mine-pleased with myself

We used these rings (prizes from Boomtown) to get some great texture.

You may be surprised what you might find already around the house and in the toy box that may lend itself to a fun and memorable painting session. Hot wheels? Cookie cutters? Lego blocks?

Music to my ears:
"Do you think we could get the finger paint out again?"

My favorite weather

Sun Showers

Sunshine and rain at the same time...

Love it!

Our Swamp

CoUsIn WeEk

We were lucky enough to have our 11 and 13 year old cousins come visit and even stay at our house for part of their trip.

Admittedly, I was a little nervous about keeping them entertained. Once you are older then 8 you are outside my specialty area.

Turns out they enjoy art and messiness.

Phew! That I can do!

We picked up some plastic dinosaur bone toys as prizes from our trip to Boomtown. I thought these would be perfect for the sandbox. Everyone agreed.

So out we went.

Spray bottles led to water bottles which led to huge lemonade jugs which led to our very own swamp.

Daddy did not approve of our creation.

I pointed out that I did refrain from bringing out the hose. That should count for something.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

He's Not Poopy

M: That's Snoopy.
BBD: He's not poopy.
M: (laughs) I know. His name is Snoopy.
BBD: He's not poopy.
M: (slowly, enunciating) His--name--is--Snoopy.
BBD: He's not poopy.

I realize at this point, that he is just messing with me now.

A Boy and His Wagon