Monday, August 2, 2010

Graham Cracker Houses

December 2009

A note was sent home from CB's preschool teacher asking for each family to send in a can of frosting and a bag of candy to use to decorate gingerbread houses. A bit excessive, but alright. I was excited to see CB's creation.

CB had her heart set on sour gummy worms for her candy decoration, which may sound strange until you get to know CB's imaginary friend, Wormy-who happens to spend a lot of time up on our roof.

CB's house came home:

Cute, isn't it?

But where, oh where, are the sour gummy worms? CB told me her teacher didn't put them out as a choice (I later found out that Em's Skittles weren't used either...) This made me grumpy.

But I like her teacher. She's sweet and she has good to help squash the grumpies, I came up with a positive plan of action.

We would make our own graham cracker houses (This plan was helped along hugely by the fact that a Kindergarten teacher gave me two extra preassembled houses-Perfect, we got to sidestep the constructing and get right to the decorating!)

This way was better because the whole family got to create together. The children decorated the houses while Daddy and I built some sweet snowmen.

You will notice that in pretty much all of the pictures BBD is either placing the candy in his mouth or it is already full.

A few actually made it onto his house.

Just a few.

BBD has never had so much sugar in his life. The little boy totally had a sugar rush. He was literally jumping around to burn some of it off. "Mama, Im jumpin'! I'm jumpin'!" CB had her fair share of sugar as well and joined right in the crazy jumping around.

BBD had his Daddy laughing so hard that he almost couldn't take it.

CB was hard at work. "I'm going to need more."

The work was a little messy.

But the clean up was delicious!

CB's House

It started out as a "damaged, old haunted house"
but it has come a long way.
"It's so pretty!"

BBD's House

Mama: What are you making?
BBD: Yummy!

Later, he wanted to make another one.
"Candy. Candy house. Make candy house. Please?"

Fine craftsmanship taking place.

Daddy's Snowman

AKA: The Coolest Snowman Ever
I dig the mohawk!

Mama's Snowman
My snowman is all bundled up in his winter hat and scarf.
He is surprised. He says, "Oh, no! Look at my little arms!"

It was a good time. The best kind-yummy and creative.

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