Friday, August 6, 2010


It is just plain old fun to act like a robot. It entertains us, any way.

I made a bean bag toss game for my children that can also be used in my classroom. It can be used for motor skills, but the two holes make sorting activities totally doable. (Maybe the robot only likes to eat green things or pictures that start with the/r/ sound, everything else goes into the tool box).

CB: What do they eat?
M: They need some sort of energy source. Like a battery, or a generator, or solar panels.
D: Gasoline or steam.
CB: Some robots eat toast.

The Toss Box
I had planned to do a little tutorial, but someone's loving husband accidentally cleared my memory card. He felt bad.

So, I will just tell you about the box part: I cut the holes in a cool box that already had a handle. (I wanted it to be portable so I could tote it around easily, but I suppose that part is not truly necessary.)

I painted the entire box with acrylic paint. (It took several coats, primer might have been a better way to start.)

The entire box was then sprayed with a clear coat.

I cut out felt pieces and hot glued them to the box.

Sock Beanbags
I made the beanbags later so I have pictures of this part for you:

I learned this at an Early Childhood conference, but can't remember who the presenter was.

Start with a sock (I used baby socks, but you can use adult socks too)

Cut the top portion into 5 or 6 strips. You want these long enough that they are not too difficult to tie later.

Spread the strips and fill with beans

Tie a simple knot with strips across from each other.

Continue tying knots until all of the strips have been used at least once and the closure seems secure.

Make a whole bunch!

Have fun tossing!

You can prop the box up or lay it down depending on the level of difficulty you are after.

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Jennifer Dawn said...

What a cute idea. It looks like fun! Thanks for stopping by earlier. Just thought I would click this way. Love your blog!

Alison said...

What a FUN idea!! I *adore* this!!! It's an incredibly genius idea to keep kids entertained this summer. What a fun way to spruce up a cardboard box. Oh man, I want to make one! Thanks for sharing!