Friday, August 6, 2010

Little Monsters

May 2010

We put to use CB's monsters that on a stormy day she had designed to be used in the future for hopscotch.

The only problem was the little buggers kept trundling off course from the breeze.

We solved that with a little ingenuity, rocks, and tape.

Before we could fully enjoy our own cleverness, however, we were distracted by a different sort of monster.

A: I don't know what he's doing.
M: He's climbing.
A: He's silly! He says, "Is this a jungle gym?"

C: Where is he going?

A: Now he can be snug as a bug! (gives him a leaf for a blanket) If he gets hungry, he can eat his blanket.

C: He's walkin!

A: He doesn't want to go out. Come on little guy. I think he's enjoying his new home. (explaining to the roly poly why he must be returned to the wild) I wish you could stay, but you can't stay alive.

C: Does he want a carrot?

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