Monday, August 2, 2010

Snow Day?!

December 2009

A Snow Day?! Here?! In the desert?!

That's right!

CB and BBD were so excited by the mere thought of snow. Me? Not so much. The stuff is beautiful but nasty. I pretty much hate it, but I love these little ones, so we ventured out.

The snow was pretty powdery so it did not stick well enough together to make an actual snowman (at least not if your Mom totally lacks snow building skills and is a wussy).

This is the Lego snowman face I quickly crafted. It lasted about 0.3 seconds before CB threw snow on it. About 0.7 seconds later, BBD dismantled it.

They LOVED the snow! They reveled it its frozen glory.

While the snowman building didn't work out, they both delighted in throwing the snow around.

CB actually made some pretty good snowballs.

They are both pretty good at throwing them (especially from behind)!

Although, BBD did get himself really good, too.

CB enjoyed catching the snowflakes with her tongue.

BBD enjoyed blazing new trails.

It is time to go in when your britches are so snow laden that they can't seem to stay up.

For the record, the children disagreed with me. According to them, it wasn't even cold outside.

Inside (and after I could feel my fingertips again) we made, as CB says, "art". Can't make a snowman out of snow? How about the next best thing? Rhinestones!

Hmmm...looks like it is missing something? I know! More "pretties"!

"His belly button is showing! He doesn't have any clothes on! I better give him some underpants!"

She is a crack up!

Our Artwork:


"There that should be enough to keep him warm!"


He had a lot to say about his work, but all I could decipher was
"snowman", "nose", and "mountain".


Ain't she pretty?
BBD showed me how to stack rhinestones and CB told me that cheeks are important.

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