Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hidden Shoe

July 2009

BBD hid my shoe while we were at Mammie's house. IT COULD NOT BE FOUND!

My attempts to get the boy to confess his hiding spot were fruitless...
Mama: Okay, *BBD* where did you put my shoe?
BBD: No shoe, Mama.
M: I know that. Where did you put my shoe?
BBD: (Smiles all too innocently) Don’t know.
M: You tell me where my shoe is young man!
The little scoundrel then took off running down the hall with a laugh bordering on maniacal.

I had to leave without it. Lucky for me, my mother and I wear the same size and she is nice enough to share with me.

I had some helpful counsel on the matter.
Mammie: Maybe you only wore one shoe home from work.
CB: Mama, we can buy you NEW shoes! Let's go!

The shoe was found two days later under the entertainment center - waaay back.

Good thing he is a CUTE little STINKER!

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