Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ballet School

April 2010

CB has begun taking a ballet/tap dance class.

She refers to it as Ballet School. The teacher is very laid back and parents are welcome to hang out and watch. CB was delightful to watch-and listen to. She entertained all of the other parents. She had them laughing. A lot.

She is, shall we say, vocal. She repeats all the directions. Up, down, point your toes...

She stage whispers to the teacher, "You're supposed to spin." Teacher smiles down at her, "Yes, that's later."

CB pointed out to her teacher, "I'm a very fast learner." Modest, I know, but apparently true. I was confused when the teacher asked me after class, "Did you guys just move here?" When I answered no, it was her turn to looked confused and she asked, "Who did she take dance from before?"

They do a ballet style Hokey Pokey-it was super cute to watch. At the mere mention of Hokey Pokey, CB went into monologue mode.

After a drink break, CB asks her teacher, "Are we going to do more dancing, Mary?"

When the teacher said they had just a moment before they did their next thing, CB ran over and told me, "I have enough time to give you a quick hug."

About halfway through the hour class, CB declared, "I'm tired. I need a nap now." Fortunately it took less than a minute for her to get her second wind.

There is a recital at the end of May. CB is all over it. She turns and says loudly to me. "Do you want to be in the audience?"

"I want to go to this school all day!"

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