Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Candy Land Morning

December 2009

CB and I took advantage of BBD sleeping in to play an unhindered game of Candy Land. It turned out to be a long game because of several ill-timed character cards that kept forcing us to go back. I began to miss the slumbering boy and wondered if he was around and I had to switch to the red cookie man -he has a habit of taking whatever game piece I am currently using- if I would fare any better. About five minutes and another huge leap back later, CB (our little psychic) hands me the red cookie man and says, "Maybe you should be red. He might be faster."

While we were playing CB was doing a little dance that strongly resembled a 'potty dance' so I told her I would wait while she ran to the bathroom. She said she didn't need to, but kept dancing so I told her that she really needed to at least go try.

A minute later, she calls from the bathroom, "Mama, you were wrong!" I said "My mistake. That sure looked like a potty dance." She clarified the matter for me, "That's my race dance." She then takes off running to the living room and yells back over her shoulder, "I'm going to win to the King!"

Despite her strong, competitive spirit, she is such a sweetie. She got her favorite 2 blues card, moved ahead 1 blue space and then asked, "Do you want to do a blue with me?"

After our game was over, CB had the great idea that we should "paint our own Candy Land pictures". So, we did!

BBD woke up during our painting session, but did not wish to join us...

at least not until I had cleaned up the paint and was taking a photo of my artwork.

BBD pointed to the game board and proclaimed, "Mmmm! Wanna bite!"

Uh oh! A gumdrop seems to have leaped off of the paper and onto BBD's forehead!

You have to be a real intellectual to truly "get" BBD's abstract style.

You do "get" it, right?

I love CB's art and the narration that accompanies it.


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