Monday, August 2, 2010

Too Many Cooks?

November 2009 and December 2009

I Don't Think So!
Personally, I am hoping that both of them will inherit and cultivate a flair for the culinary. This, of course, comes from their father.

The children have really taken to helping us cook and bake. They are both upset with me because I won't let them help over an open flame.

A Truly Great Gift
We received yummy-ness in a box from Miss Michelle for Christmas.

The box was almost as much fun as the baking and eating!

Something Cool
I usually annoy Daddy with the presence of my camera, but when I didn't pull it out while they were helping him make scrambled eggs, he asked incredulously, "Where is your camera? Don't you always take pictures when they are doing something cool?"

You Better Hurry
Not exactly what you want to hear your husband say as you enter a room... "Crap! Hurry or your mother is going to kill me!"

BBD was "helping" him cook. Daddy let him crack the eggs. BBD took a squeeze-it-until-it-breaks-and-runs-all-over-your-hands approach. I came in as Daddy was trying to clean up the evidence.

He Just Doesn't Listen
While baking banana nut bread...I told Daddy to put in 2 cups of flour. He was using a 1/2 cup scoop.

"Mo-o-o-m! Daddy didn't listen! He put in too many cups!"

Daddy also decided to do things in a different sequence than the recipe dictated. His response when I pointed this out, "Their directions were lame."

It must not have mattered. DELICIOUS!

Official Cook Hats
Made with love by Daddy.

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