Monday, August 2, 2010

Pine Cones!

October 2009

We went up for a day in the mountains. The crisp air was wonderful. I loved the fall colors.

The children had a glorious time. There was baseball, a teepee, spooky faces, and lots of pine cones!

BBD calls a baseball (and a football, for that matter) "baseball game". As in "I'm gonna play baseball game!", "I want baseball game!", and "Mama! Baseball game!"

"Spooky! Boo! Boo! Boo!"

"I like spooky!"

I loved the new deck chairs and I was not alone...

"I need another pillow because my butt needs a comfy."

The pine cones were a tremendous hit. CB went from calling them acorns to calling them pineapples to finally calling them pine cones.

"I'm going to line them up just like this."

"It is a pine cone village!"

Clint fell in love with a wagon full of pine cones.

"Pine cones!"


Did I mention that he was in love?

The children and I made bird feeders. What is better than an edible craft?

After stopping BBD from the licking the knife two times in quick succession, he changed tactics and tried to lick the pine cone. I shouted, "*BBD*!" He froze, little tongue extended, but not yet having made contact. He sighed and said, "Sorry, Mama." I showed him that he could lick his fingers thereby earning Cool Mama points.

The bird feeders are simple good fun. We didn't have any bird seed so we improvised and crushed up crackers instead.

This may have actually worked out better since it made for such a tasty snack.

When I got to the table where CB was waiting for me, she wisely informed me that, "It's not okay to start without a grown up." Part way through the project she dispensed more knowledge, "We need to finish up-the birds don't want to wait much longer." We must have made it in under the time limit because when we finished she told me "The birds will be happy with us!"

BBD objected to my placing the feeders in the tree.

"Mama, they're up high!"

Can you tell which feeder BBD was in charge of carrying?

I'll give you a hint: It's the one with the lovely autumn leaf garnish.

I had no idea the string we used would provide such entertainment all on its own.

This involved a lot of mischievous giggling.

"This is the perfect string! What are we going to do with it?"

I myself developed a deeper love of pine cones.

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