Friday, February 4, 2011

Gobs of Glitter

The girl is tap dancing to "Lollipop" in her next recital. {Which is one of the cutest things I have ever seen.} Prop lollipops are involved. The girl is in love with them. She got a pencil for doing a nice job during class. On the way to the car she was pretending it was a lollipop. I pointed out that we had the needed materials at home to make our own lollipops.

While we waited for the glue on the handles to dry we attempted to make adorable hearts like these:

found here on Family Chic {I love this blog}.

We didn't have rustic floral wire, so I used funky pipe cleaners and things didn't work out.

The girl started out enthusiastically, gave it "3 chances" and then moved on.

We moved onto glitter glue. The boy was instantly more interested in what was going on at the table.

You know what this glitter glue needs? GLITTER!

You know what this glitter needs? GLITTER GLUE!

The girl took this project very seriously.

"Look at what I made! Look at how stylish I'm doing it! It is all fancied up!"

She was a little scandalized. "{gasp} You touched me with your sparkly hands!" There were frequent exclamations of "Oh my gosh!"

""Oh my goodness! That is a lot of wasted glitter!"

I wouldn't say wasted.

Much of it was salvageable. And, as these things go. there was very little on the floor.

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