Saturday, February 26, 2011

Birthday Book Countdown

Our book countdown for Christmas was such a hit, that I decided to do one for the daughter's birthday as well.

This time, I just wrapped each book in a single sheet of construction paper and tied a simple string around. She enjoyed counting the books in the pile to see how many days were left. A little bit poked out on most of them and she would try to guess what the book would be about.

The books were piled in strategic order. We started with the Skippyjon Jones series, which both children absolutely fell in love with.

She danced around and jumped for joy when she opened "If You Give a Pig a Party" on the eve before her shindig.

And the main feature opened the morning of her birthday:

{It is this little ballerina's birthday in the story too.}

She was so excited to write her name in the front cover. She even included a heart.

She took it to school and Miss Amy read it to the whole class.

"You saved the best for last, Mom!"

Please check out some of these fabulous linky parties. Wonderful ideas and inspiration await! Thank you!


Megan said...

what fun! sounds like she had a birthday to remember!


shopannies said...

what a great idea

Jennifer said...

I love this idea we did the Christmas one at our house also and my daughter loved it. Did you use stories that involved Birthdays or just any books?
If you used books about birthdays can you give me some names I would love to get some. or

Tammy said...

how sweet is that? happy birthday to your little one! Thanks for sharing this at my party!

Stacy said...

What a sweet, sweet idea! What a cute mom you are :)