Friday, October 22, 2010

School Scrapbook

Today, I earned major cool mom points.


Because I gave my daughter a binder filled with page protector sheets. I slid in one of her many preschool works of art.

She gasped. "It's a preschool scrapbook!!"

Yes. That is exactly what it is.

"Can we keep this scrapbook forever and never ever throw it away?!"

"Mom, it's not full yet."

"I can't wait to make more stuff with Miss Amy!"

She loves it so much that we are going to need another one for all the artwork she creates at home.

Here is a picture of her scrapbook at the end of the school year, just bursting with memories:

This is similar to what I do with my students as a school memory book as well. We include photos, artwork, dictations, songs, and poems from throughout the year and send them home the last week of school.

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