Saturday, October 30, 2010

Felt Monster Game

Want to see some kooky monster fun?

Here is a felt monster game I made for the classroom. It has oodles of learning objectives: color identification, body part identification, counting, cognitive matching, making choices, fine motor manipulation, and participating in organized play. But it is also just plain ole fun.

The object of the game is to complete your monster first.

Players roll a die to see what they can add to their monster.

The sides of the die are:
* eyes*arms* horns* noses* mouths* a flashlight (child uses a real flashlight to scare off a piece of another player's monster)
I ended up adding a free turn where you could pick any piece to add because the game was going on forever...I made my die using a free printable from online.

Here are the pre-designed monsters:

The game can be altered to allow for varying degrees of difficulty.

You set out the pieces in varying ways:

already grouped in color setsgrouped by type found on the diemixed up all crazyChildren can also be encouraged to create their own kind of monster (either using the die or completely open ended)

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Candace said...

What a cute idea! Have a great day!

Jenny @ Embellishing Life said...

I bet they love this game! Love all your ideas here...I'm now following you :) Have a great weekend!

Ginger said...

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