Friday, October 29, 2010

Little Scarecrow

The traditional building of a scarecrow meets fine children's literature when you use The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid Of Anything (written by Linda Williams and Illustrated by Megan Lloyd) as a guide to your crafting experience with young children.

Read the story a few times with your children before you create the scarecrow to build their familiarity with it.

Gather the needed materials:

* The wonderful book
* Bunch of shredded paper
* Pair of shoes
* Pair of socks
* Sweater/ long sleeved shirt
* Pair of pants
* Pair of gloves
{we used children's clothing cause it is more manageable and looks pretty darn cute when you are done, but that is certainly not necessary}
* A plastic pumpkin treat bucket {facial features will need to be drawn on--upside down--with a permanent marker}
* A hat
* Some sort of stick {for helping to stabilize the head to the body}
* Tape to hold openings shut
* Safety pins to attach clothes together
* An enthusiastic child ready to join in the fun

And now you are ready to embark on a slightly spooky journey through the story while making your very own scarecrow.

Be wary of the paper flinging monster that is rumored to live near here.

{some rumors turn out to be true}

The story is cumulative and encourages children to move their bodies.

The little old lady is chased home and "behind her she could hear":

"Two shoes go CLOMP, CLOMP,
One pair of pants go WIGGLE WIGGLE,
One shirt go SHAKE, SHAKE,
Two gloves go CLAP, CLAP,
One hat go NOD, NOD,
And one scary pumpkin head go BOO, BOO!"

As you read and new articles of clothing make their spooky appearances, have the children help you stuff the clothes with the shredded paper.

Attach the clothes together and at the end of the story your scarecrow will be scaring away pesky crows just like the one at the end of the story!

Completely optional, but highly enjoyable, additional steps:

Steal the scarecrow's hat

{this serves the dual purposes of bugging your sister and rockin' a new look}

Accessorize your scarecrow as you see fit "just for fun":

Pose with your new buddy:

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