Friday, October 15, 2010

Candy Land will never be the same

We. dig. Legos.

Look what we stumbled across:


They are like trading cards but are

I cannot tell you how excited I was to get to the car and open these things up. It simply cannot be described accurately.

I have a vision of my Christmas stocking overflowing with these. hint hint

BBD was not super interested in the dramatic unveiling because he had picked out a Toby the Train Lego set, but he liked his vampire when I handed it back him. He is pretty sure that the vampire is part of the Toby set and is meant to ride around on Toby.

CB was thrilled that she landed the Pharaoh, but she doesn't like that name, "that is why I call it a ninja".

I got a sweet little wicked witch.

Daddy got a lady life guard.

He used to Life Guard so that is cool. But what is really cool is that she totally completed our gang of super villains. She brings some mean super spy skills to the group. She's a double agent. That's right, she has betrayed her country and that is pretty bad.

I know.

Daddy had the GREAT idea that these should be our game pieces for board games. I love that man.

So when we got home, we invaded. Poor little sweethearts, they never saw the destruction coming. Who could? Lord Licorice has got nothing on us. Fool. You call yourself a villain?!

Breaching their defenses was so easy. A cake walk actually.

Things were quiet at first.

But that was short lived. Soon, everybody was Kung Foo Fiiiighting.

And the castle was taken at a price.

Daddy won the first organized game we played. CB and her father are very competitive and often trash talk each other. It's heart warming.

D: How does it feel to have your Daddy beat you at Candy Land?!
CB: Not so good. I like winning better.

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