Friday, November 26, 2010

We killed it!

I do not enjoy being woken up. I have gotten better since my two lovely morning rompers have come into the picture. But still, I treasure sleep.

This guy of mine
mentioned how great it would be if only I could go Black Friday shopping with him. He said it so wistfully.

So wistfully that I found myself offering to go with him. "We could probably ask my parents to watch the kids" was out of my mouth before I fully realized what I had just consented myself to.

Getting out of my cozy bed. To go into the nasty cold. To go shopping with sale crazed people. At midnight.

And I wouldn't get to tuck these babes into bed {one of my all time favorite things}.


it was actually pretty cool.

Dare I say, fun?

In fact, we killed it.

I was armed with hot cocoa, an enthusiastic shopping partner, and a list.

Jason insisted on using the flash- we discussed how you were supposed to blind the competition, not your partner.

Our objectives were split. I was in charge of apparel, Jason had the toys and kitchen items. But we knew what the other person was in charge of just in case we came across it. Which turned out to be a good thing because I found a few games and Jason snagged himself 2 Punisher shirts.

I got a good position right in front. I could see like half my to-get-items from where I stood. I did not enjoy the sudden sight of all the people who turned up about 10 minutes before the countdown right behind me. One minute not so many people, the next minute I glance behind me and there has been a full invasion- kind of freaky.

Jason got a great position right in front of our dear friend Thomas the Train and his new track set going for $15. He, of course, got to this place by walking through areas that I am pretty sure you were not supposed to be unless you were a store employee, but hey, no one stopped him.

This guy is an unbelievably great shopping buddy. He has an eye for things and is responsible for me owning some of my favorite articles of clothing because he is the one who spots them in the store.

I passed the waiting time listening to people's plans of attack. It was entertaining. Jason saw one woman making umpire like signs to her husband. She was pretty intense. For the man's sake, I hope he got 4 of whatever it was she wanted him to grab because she was rather adamant about that number.

We were resigned to the fact that we may not get the things we were looking for. You never know how these things are going to go and I am a novice Black Friday go-er.

We got ev-er-y-th-ing that we wanted.
And just a little bit more.

I only had to get crazy once, which involved tucking the cart out of the way, going under three sales racks, and shimmying past a lady. But, I got the coat Jason wanted in the color he requested. It was the last thing on my list.

Previously unmentioned highlights include a waffle maker, pop-up tents, plush wraps, and {a childhood favorite game of Jason's} Don't Break the Ice.

It is going to be even better when the children are grown up and can accompany us. BBD is always up for shopping and his enthusiasm would help banish the initial sleepiness and possible crankiness. And CB she is a very helpful shopping buddy. She would be a definite asset.

Team work is definitely the way to go for tackling Black Friday.

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