Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kung Fu Shooting

Daddy and I were lamenting the lack of prizes in cereal boxes nowadays.

Our cries were heard, for behold:

We'll take 2!

The kids wanted to just dig them out, but I told them they had to wait till we ate our way to them, old school style. Which is hard for me. But we put in a lot of hard work, forcing ourselves to eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch for dessert.

Just to mess with them, Daddy told them there must have been a mess up at the factory because there were no spin fighters in either either box!


Actually, they handled this staggering disappointment really well. So well, I questioned their relation to me, but just for a minute.

Sly style, he put the toys into their snack bags for a long car ride.

The girl found hers first and was delighted.

BBD went into such a feverish panic searching his bag that he kept missing it.

Ah, sweet relief!

Daddy accidentally threw away the boxes without cutting out the Kung Fu Panda character targets, but I was able to overlook this monstrosity because I had something better.

Our family. Ninja style.

These are made using the "Star Shooter" templates from the fabulous Kim and Jason, who have made it their life mission to help people battle Adultitis. Join the small rebellion.

Look out, I have horrible aim and apparently cheat. Look how close I am.

There was enthusiastic yelling of, "Push the red button!" and CB raised the age old question, "How do you tickle a ninja?"

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SnowLeopard said...

They have this same toy in the regular Cheerios box. But apparently I am the only one who likes this cereal- the boys would rather eat multigrain or honey nut. And they dug with their grubby hands in MY cereal to get them out... Sheesh.