Friday, August 5, 2011

Sewing For Sweet Dreams

I have not sewn with a sewing machine since high school, when I took Home Ec from a crazy lady in a hideous wig.

My avoidance was mostly due to an irrational fear of the bobbin.

But a friend was trusting enough to let me borrow her machine so I faced my fears and another friend took the time to patiently run me back through the basics.

Kelli did not don a crazy lady wig and she taught me a magical bobbin threading slight of hand. The relearning process was not traumatic like I had been mentally preparing myself for.

I even fixed a few hiccups all by myself without panicking.

As soon as CB saw what I was fiddling around with, she requested a sleeping bag for her beloved mermaid Barbie doll.

Being just recently reacquainted with the sewing machine, our sleeping bags do not have zippers. The small children do not care. And I threw in some matching pillows to cushion {I am sew punny!} any disappointment, had it arisen.

I had some lovely assistants.

They helped stuff their own pillows.

The mermaids thanked me and rushed off to take a nap in their new designer gifts.

Naturally, a story and lullabies were required.

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