Friday, July 1, 2011

Operation: Buried Treasure

The Objective: Bury treasure in the sandbox for the brother to uncover.

Phase 1:
Acquire treasure.

Phase 2:
Develop a cover story.
"I am just selling beans. That's right, just some boring old beans."

Phase 3:
Lure the brother away from the sandbox so that the treasure may be properly buried.

Phase 4:
Wait for the brother to dig up the treasure and/or notice he is right on top of it.

Phase 5:
Grow impatient, start giving clues {CB: Look, there is something white. BBD: That is a ball.}, and resort to pointing out where he should dig.

Phase 6:
Delight in discovering the treasure!

Phase 7:
Appoint and arm a steadfast crew.

Phase 8:
Load treasure onto your trusty pirate ship.

Phase 9:
Take sail and celebrate by blowing bubbles.

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