Friday, January 21, 2011

Preparing for Artsy Fartsy

The girl's 5th birthday is approaching.

She has requested an "art party".

At which we will be making calendars and necklaces. {Her project ideas not mine.}

There should be rings in the goody bags.

Tiaras will be decorated. The girl's will be blue, the boy's likely pink.

The cake should be strawberry with blue icing "swirled with purple" and a "dollop of [whipped] cream on top in the middle". Furthermore "people can choose if they want cream on their own piece because people should get to choose if they like cream."

And the invites, my, they are beAUtiFUL.

A play kitchen pot full of hearts, stars, flowers, and ballerinas were needed.
{thank goodness for my Silhouette crafting dream machine}

{{We have plenty left over for Valentines, too!}}

Dancing around because party prepping is exciting!

Please check out some of these fabulous linky parties. Wonderful ideas and inspiration await! Thank you!

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