Saturday, September 18, 2010

Name Banners

Man, I am a SuCkER for crafts...

On our way out from a oh-so-productive stop at work, (Both kids and a work related to do list, who was I kidding?! The work got done, but clean up sure took forever.) CB lays eyes on the vast assortment of die cuts in the prep room as I hurriedly try to accomplish one last task.

Awe sets in, her eyes are large and full of wonder.

"I would just love to cut my *C*."

I take a deep, fighting-the-frazzled breath...I really just want to go home...I know where this headed...Crafty Towne...

"Oh! We could make a name banner!"

{Like I could deny that excitement, especially when it is targeted at such a great learning activity.}

So we cut out all the letters of both children's names along with a few embellishments.

We took them home and hit up our crafty stash.

Little did I know that this project would last them over an hour. I am not exaggerating. They were both all over it. It involved paper cutouts, crayons, glue, glitter glue, rhinestones, and a little bit of no-mess watercolor.

And a whole lot of wonder at the simple grandeur of making something pretty.

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